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The business of Gisors is one of the files most astonishing of the beginning of the 1960s. It was brought to the public eye by Gerard de Sède, writer-journalist. His meeting with Roger Lhomoy leads him to a world where côtoyer goes, Templiers, Politicians and mysteries. Since his childhood, Roger Lhomoy, child of Norman Vexin, had intended to speak about the legend of a treasure that was hidden in the Castle of Gisors. During the forties Roger Lhomoy was engaged as a guard of the Castle. There, he can undertake his research on the quiet. The Town hall, then owner of the castle, places at its disposal a functional housing at the centre the medieval unit. What a bonus for our researcher! From this moment his activities as a researcher start. The evening, dice which the doors of the garden are closed, Roger Lhomoy puts himself to work. He seeks.
The years of occupations slow down his work. But as of the release, Roger, with eagerness his work begins again. he starts by excavating at the foot of the mound of the keep. He ends up finding excavations which will not be other than the underground [passageways] of the castle such as we currently know them. Certain on the presence of a treasure, Lhomoy decides to resume its work in a new zone of the castle. Going up on the mound and penetrating in the enclosure of the Keep, he decided to try the well of the keep butchery since many years. Penetrating inside it he goes down into its cave. He goes down nearly thirty meters of depth. There, not anticipated, part of the wall collapses and wounds Lhomoy.

Victim of a fractured leg he forsakes his research until it heals. Given, Lhomoy does not wish any more to turn over in the well of the keep which narrowly failed to cost him his life.

Certain on his idea, he decides to carry out an excavation with a few meters of the well. We are in June 1944. He confides in a friend, certain Mr. Lessenne, who thereafter will become himself a guard of the castle. This same Lessenne will be pilot of an astonishing discovery. Digging and reaching nearly 16 meters, Lhomoy comes across an unknown room of 4 meters by approximately 4 meters. Alas, it is empty. That does not dissuade him. He stops at the room. Then without valid reason, he goes back to dig, but this time horizontal to a distance of 9 meters. It is easy to imagine the working conditions. A such mole, he digs a new vertical gallery which will reach approximately 4 meters. Until finally, he is within approximately 21 meters of the surface of the Keep.

We are now in March 1946. And then one day, Lhomoy takes his crowbar which he has used to help him dig; and strikes and sees stones appearing out of the apparatus. He understands that it is in front of a wall.

Clearing the ground he discovers a structure built of cut stone hardcore. He works on the joints of the one of the stones and ends up pushing it. He hardly dares to believe what its ears make him hear. An echo! Is this the victory? Lhomoy releases the opening. He realizes that it is in front of the wall of a room of great dimension. He tries to light it but his precarious equipment does not allow him all to see. He is introduced into the room and there, he believes that its heart will stop. Let us leave him the word, such as did it Gerard de Séde in his book, “Templiers are among us! ”:

“What I saw at this time there, I will never forget it, because it was a fantastic spectacle. I am in a Roman vault out of stone of Louveciennes, thirty meters long, nine broad, approximately four meters fifty high to the keystone. Immediately on my left, close to the hole by which I passed, there is an altar, [made] out of stone, him also, like his gate vault. On my line all the remainder of the building. On the walls, about mid height, supported by corbels of stone, the statutes of Christ and the twelve apostles, natural size. Along the walls, posed on the ground, of stone the sarcophagi 2 meters length and 60 centimetres the broad ones: there is 19. And in the nave, which clarifies my light is incredible: thirty noble metal trunks, arranged by columns of ten. And the word trunk is insufficient: it is rather of cupboards lying that it would be necessary to speak, of cupboards of which each one is 2,20 m long, 1,80 m in height, 1,60 m broad. ”

The discovery of Lhomoy is incredible! It supports the legend and confirms it! In any case it is what the guard says. Decided to assert his share of the discovery, he goes to the town hall of Gisors, there to meet the Mayor and to make him note his discovery.

A delegation of the town hall goes to the spot. Nobody dares to go down in the well cut by Lhomoy. A representative of the Department, precisely in town hall this day there, declares: “Sirs you have in front of you the work of insane! ” Only a certain Emile Beyne, former officer of the Genious, agrees to be introduced into the bowels. He will go almost to the end of the excavations of Lhomoy. But in front of the incurred risk and misses it air it is confined to send stones in the opening and notes that “that resounds”

This will be the only testimony which will abound in the direction of Lhomoy. Admittedly Lhomoy will say: “I saw” but another will say “I heard” For the town hall of Gisors, the business will remain about it there! Of authority, and without at the very least an excavation, the excavations of Lhomoy will be stopped. He will try for many years to be heard, as well near the municipality, as near the department. For much, Lhomoy will be nothing any more but one individual with a little disturbed spirit. This is exactly this history which he told in Gerard de Sède, when the latter engaged it as pig-keeper. On the strength of this incredible history, Gerard de Sède decided to write a report for a weekly magazine with strong pulling.


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