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Here are the letters and arguments usually put forward as

proof of de Chèrisey's confession.


Firstly this written in English.



I received your letter and I write at once at Maison JULLIARD like with Mister de SEDE, to protest against the use without authorization, of the two parchments of your manufacture and deposited with my study, this in the work: The GOLD OF RENNES. Please accept, Dear Sir, with the insurance of my devoted feelings



Still not of answer my letter of the 17 January sum of money has. I must be operated six days. Thus only one word to warn you that Gerald of Sède is in possession of the case of files of the Priory of Sion stolen to the 37, street Saint Lazare and with his contents prepare a book against us. It is in possession of the file of George Monti, as well as photocopy of your contract with Rene Descadeillas or you 65% of the rights for the work: Rennes and its last Lords. Worse still, in this case was your (original) manuscript of Circuit! What can one make? To acknowledge before the publication which the work CIRCUIT isn't me Want you me to give an answer?

On the origin of the Priory of Sion, my research recoups a  hold on them, all the publications of Philippe Toscan come from one [who] is delirious under the effect of drug, the truth according to the files of the Order held by my uncle Saint Hillier with the Chateau de Lys, it is on September 19, 1736, which François d' Hautpoul and Jean Paul de Negre founder of the Priory of Sion, the 2nd Grand Maitre is well Andre Hercules de Rosset (Limoux/Stenay). The continuation does not have any error: Charles and Maximilien of Lorraine, finally after the revolution; Nodier, Hugo, Debussy (with Monti) and Cocteau. I received threatening letter of insane, his name Roger Dagobert, he declares [to be] the descendant of general Dagobert, and Dagobert Saint, therefore heir legitimate to the gold mines that are in your grounds of ROCK NEGRE has Rennes, moreover pretender to the throne of France. Soon

Note -  At the moment here the is the mail and still a letter of this [ancestor] of Dagobert which passes has the dustbin. He pretend now to link his name and quotes like [an] owner of the treasure of Rennes in one of the parchments (that of my manufacture) the human silly thing does not have limit. Example: All the acts of Hautpoul, included that of Blanche de Castille and that until 1337 were carried out on order of the king Louis XIV by Charles Rene d' Hozier de Serigny, judges weapons and certificate gives on 30 April 1781. made reproduction at Montpellier in 1911 to 1913

Here Philippe de Cherisey specifically states that he fabricated the Dagobert parchment. He does not say he fabricated the Shepherdess parchment and why would de Cherisey write his confession in English?

Here is a copy from Circuit. Is this the one of the documents that Gerard de Sède had that de Chérisey speaks about above?

de Cherisey insists that Cheval de Dieu refers to the Delacroix painting in St Sulpice. this is in contrast to what he says in Stone and Paper

Here are two sheets from Philippe de Chèrisey's Novel CIRCUIT

in the second sheet he says


Under the white horse with Saint Sulpice. Have you MARIE genius. It is most famous of the secret alphabets, that which one obtains on a chess-board by the jump of the rider. One leaves the result which consists, being given a solitary rider, to make him leap all the boxes of the play sounds pass by again a souls time by the nêre box. Unfortunately neither me, nor let us know you the result and when well even it is completed, one counts a contained solutions between which one would need many days, perhaps months

 MADELEINE cried about it

De Cherisey is referring this Delacroix's painting in Saint Sulpice

Heliodorus being chased from the temple by the Cheval de Dieu

Eugène Delacroix. Heliodorus Driven from the Temple. 1854-1861

de Chèrisey also says that the blue apples go onto the altar at Saint Sulpice, they don't they never have done but they do at Rennes le Chateau at midday on 17th January. Why is he, the supposed author, getting this wrong again.

Why, if Philippe de Cherisey wrote the Shepherdess parchment, is he alluding to a painting from a time when the French were using a 26 letter alphabet and going to a great deal of trouble using a 25 letter alphabet for the Vigenere code?

Why did he feel the need to encrypt it using a 25 letter code when it wasn't necessary to do so?

You are reminded that he got the decryption completely wrong as a result of using a 26 letter decryption table to decrypt a code he supposedly encrypted using a 25 letter table?


Here's another so-called confession by De Chèrisey

29 January 1974

P.S. Do you know that the famous manuscripts supposedly discovered by the Abbé Saunière were composed in 1965? And that I took responsibility for being the author?

Yours sincerely
Philippe de Chérisey.

This was in a letter to Pierre Jarnac who incidentally believes that de Chèrisey wasn't the author.

De Chèrisey would have taken responsibility for writing the parchments in order to discredit Gerard de Sède who somehow had possession of the case of files of the Priory of Sion stolen from 37, Rue Saint Lazare.

At this time I cannot positively say that the parchments weren't composed in 1965 but I can positively say that they were not made by de Chèrisey, he merely took responsibility for making them.

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