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Here we look at the Sun's influence into Vatican and French religion and politics


The above picture shows the assimilation of the view down the Via della Conciliazione looking from St Peter's square in Rome to the Castel Sant'Angelo

The date is May Day (Beltane) 2013. The time is dawn

Looking out of the Vatican window we see the Sun rising in Aries (The Lamb) here Venus and Mercury are evenly spaced around the rising Sun.

Notice the CROSS overhead at the Zenith

The White Swan Cygnus will move from Zenith (overhead) at dawn to the southern horizon at sunset.

On Beltane we ride the White Swan 

The Vatican gets it's names from the VATES The Vates are Celtic Bards

The earliest Latin writers used Vates to denote prophets and soothsayers in general; the word fell into disuse in Latin until it was revived by Virgil. Thus Ovid could describe himself as the Vates of Eros (Amores 3.9).

In pagan Rome the Vates resided on the Vatican Hill, the Hill of the Vates. The Vatican Hill takes its name from the Latin word Vaticanus, a vaticiniis ferendis, in allusion to the oracles, or Vaticinia, which were anciently delivered on the Vatican Hill.[6] (When the papacy was returned to Rome from Avignon (France) in the 14th Century, the Vatican became the residence of the Pope, and the word Vatican came to refer to the enclave in the middle of Rome that had become the seat of the Roman Catholic Church


In other words the Roman Catholic Church stole the Pagan place of worship.

 But the French Royalty continued in secret with the Pagan worship.

With the festival of BELTANE in mind let us look at the view down the Champs Elysees ) on the same day.
But this time at Sunset.

 Sunset Arc de Triumph

The Champs Elysees was started by Catherine de Medici wife of Henry II of France Henry II reign was marked by wars with Austria and the persecution of Protestants, mainly Calvinists known as Huguenots. Henry II severely punished them, particularly the ministers, for example by burning at the stake or cutting off their tongues for uttering heresies. Here is the Huguenot Cross The Celtic (Languedoc) Cross with the Fleur de Lys and the descending Pentecostal Dove below.

The Cathar Dove

Cathar Dove found near Montségur

Hugenaut Cross

Hugennaut Cross

Occitan Cross emblem

Here is the Occitan Cross (the area around the Languedoc where Saunière lived) Note the similarity with the Huguenot Cross. With points showing the two solstices and the two Equinoxes, plus the Cross Quarter days.


Both Catherine de Medici and Henry II are buried at the Basilica of St Denis which is on the Paris Meridian.

Nostradamus (1503–1566), a French apothecary and astrological writer known for his prophecies,

It is said by most commentators to have become famous when one of his quatrains was construed as a prediction of the death of King Henry II

CI, Q 35 The young lion shall overcome the older one,
on the field of combat in single battle,
He shall pierce his eyes in a golden cage,
Two forces one, then he shall die a cruel death.

Henry died in a jousting accident celebrating the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis.

The Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis left the Hapsburgs in control of Italy for 150 years




We also have this taken at Glastonbury on Beltane

 Glastonbury Beltane    

 Remember at dawn on Beltane we have the Cross overhead whilst the Sun is in Aries the Sacrificial Lamb.

Overhead we have Cygnus - The White Swan is overhead. Perhaps I should repeat the words of Ride a White Swan by T-Rex

Ride it on out like a bird in the sky ways
Ride it on out like you were a bird
Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
Ride it on out like you were a bird
Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
Wear a tall hat and a tatooed gown
Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltane
Wear your hair long, babe you can't go wrong
Da-da-da-di-di-da, da-da-da-di-di-da ...

It is known that Marc Bolan received some esoteric indoctrination whilst in France before he wrote Ride a White Swan.

So let us first take a look at


Beltane is a Cross Quarter Day where human sacrifices were made in Ancient times.

Please refer to the view from the Vatican on Beltane where the Sun is on the Sacrificial Lamb Aries at this time.

Sun is in Aries

The White Swan is overhead at dawn.
The Sun rises in Aries.
This is a depiction of what the Pope sees from his window just before dawn

At Beltane the Cross or the White Swan (Cygnus) moves from Zenith (overhead) at Dawn to the Southern Horizon at Sunset. 
We ride the White Swan like the people of the Beltane.
Beltane is a Cross Quarter Day
Another Cross Quarter Day is Samhain
Samhain is the Celtic New Years Day

Below is Sunset and Sunrise on the Celtic New years Eve/Day
October 31st/November 1st
Samhain or Halloween.
The angle subscribed between the sunset line and the sunrise line on this day is 36º
An angle that is also found in the Pentacle.
Samhain Sunset/sunrise

Here we see the view from Col du Paradise looking over the chateau of Arques.
Next we see the Sun setting over the mountain of Soularac (Solar Rock in Occitan)
on the Eve of the Celtic Old Year - Samhain.
Next we see the Sun rise again over La Soulane (The Sun Line in Occitan) on
the dawn of the Celtic New Years Day
called in the Christian Religion
All Souls Day.
Salsa Cross

Cross placed in the middle of nowhere seemingly for no apparant reason
We find that the area is called Place de la Templier.

See here for the significance of this

From Henry Lincoln's book The Holy Place

The two lines described by the Samhain Sun sequence are
The Grotte/Rennes le Chateau line extended Westward (Sunset October 31st)
The Rennes le Chateau/La Soulane line (Sunrise November 1st)

IHS = Jesus

Should read

Iota - Eta - Sigma
the addition
denotes male
for female it should be
Jesus is the Sun surrounded by the the Twelve signs of the Zodiac.
IHS is the Sun


Sauniére's Calvaire
depicting the Sun
Sauniére lived in the ancient religion of his Languedoc.

My journey into this mystery began with a personal meeting with Lawrence Gardner
it continued with this man
Henry Lincoln
for me Baigent and Leigh and the Magdalene hypothesis only clouded the issue.