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Obscurantism (/ɒbˈskjʊərənˌtɪzəm, əb-/ and /ˌɒbskjʊəˈræntɪzəm/) is the practice of deliberately presenting information in an imprecise and recondite manner, often designed to forestall further inquiry and understanding. There are two historical and intellectual denotations of Obscurantism: (1) the deliberate restriction of knowledge—opposition to disseminating knowledge; and, (2) deliberate obscurity—an abstruse style (as in literature and art) characterized by deliberate vagueness.


This page has been written in response to the assertion that the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion) is a hoax created by Pierre Plantard, Gerard de Sède, Philippe de Chèrisey and lastly

Henry Lincoln

joint author of

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

Allegedly purely for the purpose of self gratification.


And a rebuttal to subsequent books written in order to play down the significance of the Priory of Sion


Here is a list of bullet points of the usual arguments presented


 According to most the Priory of Sion came into existence when it was apparently first registered on May 7, 1956, at the Sub-prefecture of St-Julien-en-Genevois, in the Haute Savoie.

Here below are it's statutes



Notice that the subtitle -

Chevalerie d’Institution et Règle Catholique et d’Union Indépendante Traditionaliste,



Knighthood of Catholic Institution and Rule and Traditionalist Independent Union.

Knighthood? Catholic?

the statutes are dated 18th August 1901.

So the Priory of Sion was REGISTERED with the Sub-prefecture of St-Julien-en-Genevois

This of course implies that it was merely registered in France

on the May 7th 1956

This does not mean that it only existed from this date or that it wasn't registered in other countries.

It registered four members

Jean Deleaval was registered as vice-president.

Armand Defago, treasurer

Pierre Plantard  was secretary.(not President)

It's press officer was registered as André Bonhomme

Note that there was no Grand master registered in 1956.

Also note that there is no mention of Philippe de Cherisey at this point.

In 1996 André Bonhomme told a BBC research team that


“The Priory does not exist any more. We were never involved in any activities of a political nature. It was four friends who came together to have fun. We called ourselves the Priory of Sion because there was a mountain by the same name close by.

Mont du Sion is ten miles away from Annemasse

A Priory is the prior entrance to an Abbey.

See Abbey of Sion?

Though presumably this is an organisation focused on the region of the Haut Savoie and thus quite localised in space, the statutes nevertheless specify how membership will be divided into 729 provinces, 27 commanderies and a “high office”, the Arche ‘Kyria’, made up of the top four grades, or 40 members in total.

So why wasn't it called Prieure de Mont du Sion?

However André Bonhomme also registered himself in this "fun" group as

Stanis Bellas

he resigned in 1973

That is before the release of Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and before two of the three Chronicle programmes made by Henry Lincoln. i.e. Before the organization became world famous.

note that the first Chronicle TV programme entitled The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem shown (in 1972 never mentioned the Priory of Sion.)

Bonhomme resignation

 (He was registered as Vice President in 1956, not President)

This apparent resignation was before any of the BBC Chronicle television programmes and nine years before the book Holy Blood Holy Grail.



As well as André Bonhomme giving himself a false alias, Upon registration

Pierre Plantard (the apparent secretary) called himself



As several commentators have said we can only wonder what they were intending to do that it required their pseudonyms to go on record at the Sub-prefecture of St-Julien-en-Genevois

Perhaps they were a Secret Society

an interesting footnote here is that Gino Sandri, Priory's Secretary General from 1977 was on the editorial board of the

International Centre for Martinist Research

Centre Internationale Researches et d'Études Martinistes

Sandri also contributed to the Renaissance Traditionelle with the Rectified Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Sandri was therefore every inch involved in esotericism and specialized Freemasonry.

Some researchers suggest that the introduction of Gino Sandri elevated the Prieure de Sion to another level and was the driving force behind Plantard and De Cherisey.  


Pierre Plantard's unpublished manuscript, "Le fabuleux Trésor de Razès" is signed 'Louis Chyren.' 

As 'Chyren', Pierre Plantard would be referring to himself as the son of Chronos who is also Saturn and Pan.

All of Cheiron's students were prototypes of the Grail King: Jason, Aesclepius (son of Apollo), Theseus (son of Poseidon/Neptune), Achilles and Heracles (Hercules, son of Jupiter/Zeus).


Most will recognise Chyren as mentioned by Nostradamus as possibly the anti-Christ


Century 6 Quatrain 70

Chief of the world will the great Chyren be,
Plus Ultra behind, loved, feared, dreaded:
His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
And with the sole title of Victor will he be quite satisfied.



Cheiron is CENTAURUS, THE CENTAUR - half man half horse star constellation in the Decan of the Constellation of Virgo.

More on Chyren later



Paul Smith cites a letter from the Marie of Annemasse saying it shows Pierre Plantard being imprisoned in 1953. Well it doesn't it cites the PRESIDENT of the Priory of Sion (an organisation not yet registered until 1956) being imprisoned and Pierre Plantard was not the President anyway, he was the secretary.


André Bonhomme says that he resigned from the Priory of Sion in 1973 and yet the Sub-Prefecture in Annemasse has no Priory of Sion on its register by 1970. His resignation was therefore irrelevant.


It should be noted that Luc Jouret, joint founder of the Order of the Solar Temple, lived in Annemasse. The Order of the Solar Temple tried to buy the Villa Bethania in Rennes le Chateau. The other founder of the Order of the Solar Temple was Joseph Di Mambro who was also a member of the AMORC. - Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis


The more recent name for the Prieure de Sion was the


Prieure de Sion

et le Ordre de la Rose Croix Veritas.


The much reported pretext that the Priory of Sion is recent and therefore bogus is meaningless. Whilst the noted members cited in the Dossiers Secrets (i.e. Isaac Newton, Claude Debussy, Nicolas Flamel, Jean Cocteau etc) were not (as far as we can tell) members of the ORDER OF SION, records show this organization existed from the first Christian occupation of Jerusalem (Sion) in 1090.


Plantard's interest in right wing, New Age politics is well documented from his membership of the Alpha Galates (meaning First Gaules) 


The Order of Sion was a mediaeval order of canons which, according to a papal bull of the 12th century, had abbeys on Mount Sion in Jerusalem, on Mount Carmel, in Southern Italy (Calabria), and in France. The Order occupied its "mother" abbey, the Abbey de Notre Dame du Mont Sion, built on the foundations of the original apostolic Cenacle, or Coenaculum, traditionally assumed to be the location of the Last Supper. The abbey was maintained up until c1291, when it fell to the Muslims.


PLANTARD NEVER ADMITTED THAT HE MADE EVERYTHING UP ABOUT THE PRIORY OF SION. He did however admit that he had made everything up about ROGER PATRICE PELAT being the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion at the trial.

This has morphed into "Plantard made everything up".  Why would Plantard admit that he made everything up about the Priory of Sion? After all it did exist remember?
 Any details of the organization, true or bogus, were irrelevant to the trial of Pelat anyway.


See page on François Mitterrand


It should be noted that Pierre Plantard has written a new list of Priory of Sion Grand Masters in the journal Vaincre the details of which can be viewed here


To quote a recent proposer that the Priory of Sion is a complete hoax:


" is hard to believe they are part of the impressive list of thought leaders who challenged the religious, scientific and artistic dogma of their day."

Plantard, de Chèrisey, de Sède and  Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln and Dan Brown have all done precisely that and with more effectiveness than any of the listed Renaissance thought leaders. And done at the second millennium and on the eve of the Old Age of Pisces. 


Lastly - And this is important


We are told that Plantard did issue a directive to all Prieure de Sion members to deny their membership and not talk about the Group and to deny membership when asked.


Apparently this is what he did himself.




Another Myth


Indeed Pierre Plantard vehemently denied this.


That proposal came from Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln in their book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. In the 1975 and 1979 BBC Chronicle programmes Henry Lincoln proposed Bloodline as a HYPOTHESIS only. 


It should be noted that Henry Lincoln has now distanced himself from this hypothesis he made +40 years ago.


Since no historical Jesus has ever existed other than in one book then this proposal of a Holy Bloodline is nonsense

Although a case of elevating the Royal status to that of ruling by divine right has been used by various Royals in the past.  


 And another Myth



In short the French Institut National de L'Information Géographique et Forestiére


Have declared that the New Age will start when the spring Equinox moves into Aquarius from Pisces and that this occurs on the

17th January

(according to the French)

The IGN say that we are already in Aquarius as of 2012.

Our solar system has been crossing the galactic plain of the Milky Way in the past twenty or so years.

In 2012 we reached half way. 

This occurs when our sun is almost in between the sting of Scorpio and the arrow of Sagittarius. The name of the AGE is defined by where the spring Equinox occurs and this is in Aquarius according to the French IGN, it depends where one draws the constellation boundaries.

At dawn on the Winter Solstice (December 21st) 2012 the Constellation of CENTAUR (CHYREN) will be rising due south.

One will remember that Pierre Plantard called himself the alias CHYREN on registering with the Sub-prefecture of St-Julien-en-Genevois

This from Nostradamus

1)Quatrain VI.LXX

Au chef du monde le grand Chyrenfera,
Plus ovltreapresaymé, craint, redouté,
Son bruit & los les cieux fur paffera,
Et du feul titre Victeur, fort contenté

The great CHYREN will be chief of the world,
He is loving, feared, dreaded,
His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
And he will be quite satisfied with the sole title of victor.

You will remember that Pierre Plantard registered this name CHYREN with the Sub-prefecture in 1956.

The CHYREN is a mythological creature from Ancient Greece (home of the ancient Olympics) that is half man half horse.
He is associated with the Fourth Labour of Hercules

Constellation Centaurus (CHYREN)
Notice the Southern Cross

So this Constellation appears due south at dawn on the 17th January.


AQUARIUS is rising due east


Bootes, Hercules, Ursa major, etc

View overhead from Rennes le Chateau at dawn on the 17th January
Ophiuchus is overhead Pech de Bugarach.

It shows the four constellations depicted in Poussin's
Les Bergers d'Arcadie.
With the head of Boötes (Arcas) at Zenith
The kneeling Hercules in the Eastern sky
Ursa Major (Callisto) North West and

Virgo covering the Southwestern sky, with α Virginis - SPICA overhead the Grotte de la Madeleine
The snake charmer Ophiuchus South East
and Cygnus (the Northern Cross) North East

These constellations are depicted as Shepherds in Poussin's painting.

Les Bergers d'Arcadie


Nicolas Poussin

Here we have the Shepherdess not being tempted (pas de tentation)

Poussin holding the key

The Shepherdess is in fact Ursa Major (top left in the star map above). Callisto from Ovid's Metamorphosis turned into a bear by Zeus and flung into the sky. She has her hand on her son Arcas (Arcturus - The Bear watcher) he is looking around at his mother. His foot is on Mons Maenalus, a mountain in Arcadia. He is pointing at the line on the tomb and in the star map his head is at Zenith. Kneeling is the blue shepherd Hercules, he points at the phrase I am in Arcadia as indeed he was in Arcadia when he did his twelve labours. Notice the Bow shadow on the tomb. He is just under Böötes due east at dawn 17th January.

The white shepherd with the staff is the snake charmer Ophiuchus

The Serpent is Serpens

You will notice a dark serpent-like area in the ground under the feet of the snake charmer, Ophiuchus (white shepherd) is looking down at the ground.    

See more on17th January here

Here is Poussin first painting depicting the Shepherds

Et in Arcadia Ego

This painting has a copy at Shugborough Hall in England

Man pouring a pitcher of water

Man pouring a pitcher of water


Et in Arcadia Ego

by Nicolas Poussin


Then came the day of unleavened bread, when the Passover must be killed.

And he sent Peter and John, saying, Go and prepare us the Passover, that we may eat.

And they said unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare? 

10 And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water;

follow him into the house where he entereth in.


This passage is astronomical and deals with the spring equinox (Passover) moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius at the end of the Aeon of Jesus who is the Sun

The Age of Aquarius as we've said occurs on 21st December 2012

according to the French

Plantard's New Europe

Here we see image put forward by Pierre Plantard

Here we see a Greek knight carrying the banner of the Prieure de Sion

on a road saying the United States of the West (New Europe - the EU)

between Brittany (Grail Country) and Bavaria (Bohemia)

riding towards the rising Sun with the sigil for Aquarius and a star

The date 1946 is being shown.  

In his famous Zurich speech of 1946, Winston Churchill said,

 ‘We must build a kind of United States of Europe.. The structure of the United States of Europe, if well and truly built, will be such as to make the material strength of a single state less important..

This was his famous "Iron Curtain" speech.

It doesn't take much imagination to realize that there is some kind of agenda in operation for the New Millennium.

It is a political movement to bring in the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE the origin of which is coming from some esoteric belief to coincide with the New Millennium or the New Age of Aquarius.

Note that the anthem for European Union is the Ode to Joy which carries the verse.

Joy, thou beauteous godly lighting, (STARS?)
Daughter of Elysium, (SEE CHAMPS ELYSEES - Elysian Fields)
Fire drunken we are ent'ring  (BELTANE Fire Festival -- MAY 1st - Illuminati Day )
Heavenly, thy holy home! (Heaven is - UP YONDER amongst the stars.

                                                                        Your Holistic Home after death allegedly

Note that LOUIS XIV (The Sun King and the King to Nicolas Poussin) held a parade on the Champs Elysees on

1st May 1664
See here


Here we have a mention of 17th January from

Le Serpent Rouge


"My emotion was great "DELIVER ME FROM THE MIRE" I said, and I awoke immediately. I haven't told you in fact that this was a dream that I'd had this 17thJANUARY, feast day of Saint SULPICE. Afterwards my trouble persisting, I wanted after reflection to tell you a story by PERRAULT. Here then, Dear Reader, in the pages which follow the result of a dream having soothed me into the world of the strange and unknown. GOOD comes to him THAT DOES GOOD."

Here the author is likely referring to Claude Perrault who designed the east façade of the


for more on Saint Sulpice See here

sunset Beltane

Looking west from the Louvre at sunset on


and Lughnasagh.


at just before dawn on

Beltane (May 1st)

we see


rising just before the Sun

from the eastern façade of the Louvre.



In October 1972 a Swiss Broadcaster Mathieu Paoli produced a series of radio programmes on Radio Geneva about the Priory of Sion and later he produced a book called

Le dessous d'une ambition politique

Behind the scenes of a Political Ambition.

The programmes and the book spoke about the plan to restore the Merovingian to power via the Priory of Sion. They included some statements by Pierre Plantard that the society wanted to shift the balance of power in the French National Assembly to the centre left in the 1973 elections the following year.

After this Paoli left the Swiss broadcaster (TSR) to work in Israel and revealed his real name Ludwig Scheswig who allegedly worked as a double agent for Israeli and Egyptian intelligence.

He was later murdered

See Note 1

The so-called Fake Parchments

This whole story about Mathieu Paoli (Ludwig Scheswig) seems to have originated from Jean Luc Chaumeil

who had learned about Paoli from Doru Todericiu who used the pseudonym Pierre Carnac. 

Chaumeil with the Parchments

Jean Luc Chaumeil is seen here holding the supposed "Fake" documents

In 1973 Chaumeil (a former poet, artist and journalist) was assigned by the Paris review newspaper Le Charivari to write about the Priory of Sion. His article was predominantly in favour of the whole story having previously read Gerard de Sède's book Le Tresor Maudit. By doing this Chaumeil immediately elevated himself as the go-to person regarding the Rennes le Chateau mystery. Chaumeil eventually turned against Plantard, this was after Plantard refused him entry into the Priory of Sion.

Here below find the argument by well known Priory debunker Paul Smith.

The rebuttal to this piece of biased wishful thinking can be found here

However picking up a few more points this time from arch debunker

Paul Smith

QUOTE Pierre Plantard first began creating phantom right-wing occult associations during the late 1930s – later during the 1940s the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered together with the Copper Scroll that allegedly represented Solomon’s Treasure placed in 64 hiding places – Plantard noticed that this story was extremely popular in France and when he first heard about the story of Bérenger Saunière as told by Noël Corbu, decided to transpose the popularity of the Dead Sea Scrolls literature in France over Corbu’s allegations relating to Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Château – the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls became the discovery of the "parchments in the hollow pillar" and the discovery of the Copper Scroll became the "treasure of Bérenger Saunière". Correspondence dating from the 1960s between Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey reveal this very strategy and motive – this correspondence is in the possession of French researcher Jean-Luc Chaumeil. UNQUOTE

Complete and utter speculation from Paul Smith.

Smith has offered no evidence to support this assertion.

As we can clearly see above with Chaumeil's photograph that the parchment paper is clearly different.

One of the parchments (the white as opposed to the yellow one) has a signature in red saying that it is a "Photocopie", he's telling us that de Cherisey faked the document then photocopied it and gave it to Chaumeil to show to the world some twenty five years later. Or to be more exact immediately after the phenomenal success of Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code. How lucky for him that the world was still interested and Chaumeil could be expected to achieve some revenue from this revelation.

Smith points out that the small parchment is from Luke chapter 6 and is a copy of the Codex Bezae.

 Actually it isn't.

The value of the small parchment is in the layout and the inclusion of the raised letters

Smith says

The Latin texts in both "parchments" contain numerous spelling mistakes showing that their creator did not understand that particular language.


I say

The spelling mistakes were deliberate.

Smith is a person who doesn't understand how codes are made.

 Perhaps the most damning arguments against the parchments being a fake made by De Cherisey is the fact that.


 The Dagobert Parchment

Shepherdess 2

Your attention is drawn to the letter M in each parchment.

Dagobert parchment letter Shepherdess parchment letter
Letter M in the Dagobert Parchment Letter M in the Shepherdess parchment

As you can clearly see the letter M is fundamentally different in each parchment.

Do you really think this was made by the same author?

However we have this:

Philippe de Cherisey letter
Here we have the Philippe de Cherisey letter to Geoffrey Basil Smith
dated 29 January 1974

29 January 1974
P.S. Do you know that the famous manuscripts supposedly discovered by the Abbé Saunière were composed in 1965? And that I took responsibility for being the author?
Yours sincerely
Philippe de Chérisey.
HE (de Cherisey) took responsibility for being the author
Since when does this mean he made the whole thing up.
More wild speculation based on wishful thinking.

But let us suppose for one moment that it was made up by De Cherisey
The question is

does this change anything?


We already know that Plantard and De Cherisey were trying to push the Merovingian dynasty

Before we go any further with this it important to read this letter from Philippe de Cherisey:


I still do not have the answer to my letter of the 17 January nor the sum of money. I must use it in six days. Thus only one word to warn you that Gérard de Sède is in possession of the case of files of the Priory of Sion stolen to the 37, street Saint Lazare and with its contents he means prepare a book against us. He is in possession of the file of George Monti, as well as photocopy of your contract with Rene Descadeillas or you 65% of the rights for the work: Rennes and its last Lords. Worse still, in this case was your (original) manuscript of Circuit! What can one make of it? To acknowledge before the publication which the work CIRCUIT isn't me. Want you to give me an answer?

On the origin of the Priory of Sion, my research recoups a  hold on them, all the publications of Philippe Toscan come from one [who] is delirious under the effect of drug, the truth according to the files of the Order held by my uncle Saint Hillier with the Chateau de Lys, it is on September 19, 1736, which François d' Hautpoul [see note 2]and Jean Paul de Negre founder of the Priory of Sion, the 2nd Grand Maitre is well Andre Hercules de Rosset (Limoux/Stenay). The continuation does not have any error: Charles and Maximilien of Lorraine, finally after the revolution; Nodier, Hugo, Debussy (with Monti) and Cocteau. I received threatening letter of insane, his name Roger Dagobert, he declares [to be] the descendant of general Dagobert, and Dagobert Saint, therefore heir legitimate to the gold mines that are in your grounds of ROCK NEGRE has Rennes, moreover pretender to the throne of France. Soon


Philippe de Chèrisey


At the moment here there is mail and still a letter of this [ancestor] of Dagobert which has gone to the dustbin. He pretends now to link his name and quotes like [an] owner of the treasure of Rennes in one of the parchments (that of my manufacture) the human stupidity does not have limit. Example: All the acts of Hautpoul, included that of Blanche de Castille and that until 1337 were carried out on order of the king Louis XIV by Charles Rene d' Hozier de Serigny, judges weapons and certificate gives on 30 April 1781. made reproduction at Montpellier in 1911 to 1913

Here you can clearly see that Philippe de Cherisey says he ALTERED this small parchment

Notice he said that he only altered ONE of the parchments

Nevertheless this does not reduce the value of this parchment.

This parchment speaks of


Everything you would expect from the agenda that Plantard and de Cherisey were pushing.

Remember too that it is not the simple text that is important but the layout
and perhaps most important

it finishes with the phrase


In other words

The average reader is not meant to understand this.

Only the INITIATED, armed with certain procedures, is meant to understand this. 

in this parchment there is no mention of

PAX 681

Clearly we have two agendas here written by two different people.

But if the author of both was Philippe de Cherisey:

Why the need for two parchments?

And as we have seen de Cherisey references the painter Eugene Delacroix

NOT Nicolas Poussin.

He also makes the error in the decoding of the Vigenere code

In other words he fails to correctly decode his own code.

and the Shepherdess Parchment

Pre Note

I have asked many times for Mariano Tomatis to enter into a legitimate Scientific peer review discussion with myself and up to present he has refused.

This offer is still open.

Here below we have the passage from his website.



I have created a whole page to his argument but here are a brief indication of the flaws in his argument.

The key points are highlighted in red


Mariano Tomatis makes the following comments on his website

Henry Lincoln's tour

At the cost of 20 euros for 4 hours of storytelling, Henry Lincoln offers the tourists the possibility of visiting the domaine of Bérenger Saunière with his explanations. The experience may be frustrating for someone who is trying to deconstruct the mythopoiesis of Rennes-le-Château phenomenon, because Lincoln's approach is entirely based on Plantard's elements. Starting from the (undebatable) premise that "there is something" in the parchments and in the ET IN ARCADIA EGO tombstone, he concludes that this "something" is extremely important, and it has to do with an ancient knowledge mathematically expressed in the measures fixed in the area by castles, churches and stones. "Plantard knew it", Lincoln repeats during all his tour.

As we have previously seen, "there is something" in the props provided by Plantard, so it is easy for Lincoln to point at the meaningful elements in the parchments, but analysing it from the correct historical perspective, it has more to do with a Merovingian bloodline than with an ancient geometrical knowledge.

Serious historical research has nothing to do with Henry Lincoln's approach, whose peculiar element is a open contempt towards academics: "They repeat what they are told", he goes on saying in his books and during the tour. His populist attitude is explicitly revealed by asking the visitors to "seek simplicity" (4), as a child would do", ignoring what they have read or heard about the topic. The explicit request of making tabula rasa of the previous knowledge is a perfect way to implant the old stuff created in the 1960s by the puppetmaster. But he is good at hiding the modern origin of the roots of his hypothesis.

In August I took part to Henry Lincoln's tour, and it was a good occasion to study his role in the "infinite game" of Rennes-le-Château. He supports the game with a slogan often repeated during the visit; referring to the visitors, he says: "They look but they don't see." Implicitly, he is advocating apophenia - the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data - as a tool to keep the game alive. His geographical maps are apophenic triumphs, and can be considered valuable props for the game, supporting funny forest walks on the trails of theoretical vertices and alignments. (5)

This is bordering upon Libel and the degree of vitriol can only be understood if you posit some kind of preconceived agenda.

Click below for the arguments

Philippe de Chérisey Proof of innocence

The so-called Philippe de Chérisey confession


For those who feel that all has been revealed to them and there is no point in further study, allow me to make an obvious statement which seems to go over the heads of most researchers.




They will do their utmost to prevent you from understanding, even to the point of creating false leads and seeding the whole affair with disinformation.

NEVER accept anything at face value nor believe something simply because it fits your comfort zone.

People are reminded that in the 1980s members of the Prieure de Sion were issued with specific instructions to deny all aspects of their group, even to the point of denying membership.

So when a member of the Prieure de Sion denies membership (e.g. Plantard) or refuses to endorse the society in public, he is merely following the society's instructions.  


Note 1 One positive lead to come from the Paoli (Le Charivari) magazine article was the mention of the Banque Fritz Dörgé in Budapest. Saunière had sold a golden bejeweled plate and vessels to the Habsburgs via this bank.  These are now apparently in Switzerland and said to be owned by the followers of the mystic Rudolf Steiner


Note 2 Shortly before the revolution, there is François Hautpoul (1689-1753) who reports the title of Marquis of Blanchefort, fell into disuse, and brought in dowry by his wife Marie de Negro of Ables (1714-1781),

lady Niort, Roquefeuil and Blanchefort; a monument in the name of Marie de Negro of Ables.


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